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Website and Social Content

Role: Website and social content design, art direction  | Client: Glass Eye for Universal Studios, UK
Early on in the process we decided to position the promotional material in-world, tying in to the 1950s setting of the film and based on the type of sensational content seen in movie-focused newspapers of the time. 
To translate that aesthetic into a current day online presence without feeling incongruous, I designed a responsive website that emulated the modular articles, column-based layouts and typographical style of a newspaper.
The site provided the perfect setting for the content, which used static imagery and animated GIFs to introduce characters and behind-the-scenes images, riffing on the film-within-a-film narrative and humour.
 We settled on tumblr as a robust platform with an in-built audience to host and serve the site and content from, which also allowed it to be easily localised for multiple international markets.
The full tumblr site showing content in situ, additional content was added by the studio as the campaign continued
To keep with the in-world style, I designed a series of behind-the-scenes posts which resembled film strips
All images © Universal Studios


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