Cry Havoc

Comic Book and Logo Design

Role: Logo design, print design and production, art direction   | Client: Cry Havoc for Image Comics
I designed the logo, the single comic issues and collected graphic novel for writer Simon Spurrier and artist Ryan Kelly, which was published by Image Comics in 2016. 
"With shades of American Gods, Cry Havoc's first "season" is one of the best—and best-looking, thanks to Price's forward-thinking design sensibilities—books in the Image roster,"
- Steve Foxe for Paste Magazine
My logo design for the series
For the six issue series, we wanted to create a visually arresting style that made it clear that each issue was part of the series. Using artist Ryan’s inked artwork, I designed and coloured the main covers, focusing on a different character's monstrous side for each issue. You can read a detailed post about my cover process on tumblr by clicking here.
Main covers, issues 1-6, with inks by Ryan Kelly, design and colours by me. The concept was to feature each beast from the series on the cover of each issue.
For the variant covers I wanted a similar connecting theme across the series, but one that was visually distinct from the main covers, and settled on the 'big numbers' concept depicted above. I asked each guest artist to interpret the spaces as they saw fit, resulting in the beautiful hybrid of character and monsters we ended up with.
Variant covers, issues 1-6, my design with artwork from the following artists, in numerical order: Cameron Stewart, Fiona Staples, Si Gane, Declan Shalvey, Cliff Chiang, Sean Phillips. For the variant covers I decided to go with the big number style, and each artist embraced the dual nature of the character and their inner beast.
Volume 1 book design with art by Ryan Kelly and Cameron Stewart
Volume 1 wraparound cover design, with art by Cameron Stewart and Ryan Kelly
Due to the nature of creator-owned comics, I also ran the outreach campaign which included creating and maintaining the tumblr site, designing print adverts, posters and social media posts which supported the release.
The complete wraparound cover for issue 1
The complete wraparound cover for issue 6
The Next Issue and 'note from the author' pages from issue 1
The annotations pages from issue 1
The sketches page with art by Ryan Kelly from issue 1
© Simon Spurrier and Ryan Kelly


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