Heroes Reborn

Personalised Motion Poster Creator

Role: Motion poster and UI design  | Client: Glass Eye for NBC
Concept and design of final outputs and the responsive sharing screen for the personalised motion poster installation of NBC’s Heroes Reborn booth at San Diego Comic Con, 2015.
The automated process took a green-screen photo, ran it through filters and a 'tweaker' added custom animated elements to generate a personalised motion poster for each user, which was ready to download in multiple formats in under 90 seconds.
I had to ensure the design worked with a minimal range of filter processes and was easy to work with during the fast-paced process of the live event.
The user could choose from several formats to download including both static and animated versions.
Left: Even cast members went through the experience, such as Greg Grunberg (pictured) Right: My own animated piece 
A view of the booth at SDCC 2015 - image from the @Heroes Twitter Feed
Early concept mock
All Images © NBC


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