Mobile Messaging App

Role: UI and UX design, illustration, art direction, concept development | Client: Catch
I teamed up with Martin Hollis and Ste Curran to develop an app concept that made digital messaging more playful and meaningful through the addition of artificial journey time, and therefore anticipation, to the process. 
Catch is built upon the idea of putting your message in a capsule and flinging it around the world to your recipient, who must catch it in the allotted time to see what’s inside. The conversation happens between two people, and stops if the capsule is ever ‘dropped’.
I worked on the UI, UX, logo design, illustration of the capsules, helped to flesh out the overall concept and created a detailed pitch document.

Logo design and character illustrations
The Catch ball is a capsule, filled with things you might send to a pen-pal: notes, sketches, photos and video clips. 
I designed the capsule in both closed and open states, showing the content inside
Key screens including, from left to right: 1. Capsule contents 2. Message creation and editing 3. Capsule throw 4. Global journey and time tracking 
Other screens from left to right: 1. Profile and game/conversation overview 2. Capsule catch 3. Capsule choice 4. Speedy capsule information
Alternative capsule designs
Example of a screen from the pitch document, demonstrating the human side of the app's process
Early concepts for the capsule and design of the app
Early concept sketches for the throw/catch screens
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